RE:ACT Mbale

RE:ACT Mbale is a sister organisation of RE:ACT in Norway. You are very welcome to join us in RE:ACT Mbale.

If you need some information, please contact:

Leader RE:ACT Mbale
Boniface Mbula 

Tel: +25 678 98 953


Sensitized youth, empowered with the skills of eradicating poverty in the community so as to become productive and responsible members of the society.


To identify the youth with different abilities and potential talents, empower them with skills of eradicating poverty so that they can be self-reliant, productive and responsible members of the society.


Music and Sports

We use Sports (like, football, handball, netball, athletics and others, as tools for sensitizing the youths and keeping them busy from getting involved in activities like taking drugs and many others that can ruin their lives.)

Sensitize the community by passing the message through Music, Drama and Dance (we encourage the youth in the community to participate in this activities to keep them busy and active at the sometimes we also identify their talents and promote them)

Income generating activities

Art and craft (this involves making of beads necklaces, local mats, bags and   many others)

Eradicating plastic bags (Here we Make paper bags for packing goods and supply them in super markets.) here we gather the youth who are interested in any of these activities that will help in making income for facilitating their livelihood.

Visiting homes of vulnerable persons

Visiting homes of vulnerable persons to provide psychosocial support and any other support needed.


Community Hygiene

Here we help the Community with Hygiene (helping in community clean up and proper garbage disposal.)

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